Lourdes Award Application

Step One

1 Data Protection Certificate

In completing the application process for a Lourdes Award, you will be sharing your personal information with us. We need this information so that we can evaluate your proposal, assess your award, and if you are successful, process and pay it. We may also contact you after your return with further matters concerning your experience on your pilgrimage. Before you go any further you must read and agree the following Data Protection statement signifying that you agree to share your personal data on these terms. Without your consent we cannot process your application.

The Bursary Fund database stores your personal information in order for the Catenian Bursary Fund Limited to receive and manage your request for financial support, to evaluate it, to assess the award we will make, and, if you are successful, to pay your award to you. We may use your data after your return from your Pilgrimage to contact you to ask for your support for our future operations, or use your Pilgrimage details and report for our publicity purposes. We will retain your data for at least 2 years.

We may also share your information with selected members of the Catenian Association, who will arrange for a presentation to pay any award granted and for management purposes. Both the Catenian Bursary Fund Limited and the Catenian Association Limited are bound by the General Data Protection Regulations (May 2018) to ensure that any data we store on individuals is relevant, accurate and not excessive. Additionally, it must be fairly and lawfully processed, held for defined purposes, be accurate and up to date, not kept for longer than necessary, processed in line with your rights and must be secure. We will ensure that all data stored in our database is treated in accordance with these principles. Please rest assured that we will never sell or misuse any personal data, or use it in any manner that is inconsistent with our aim of supporting the development of Catholic youth worldwide. We do not intend to contact you too often; we merely need your formal agreement for us to use your data to establish routine correspondence. You may opt out of this agreement at any time, but doing so will mean that we cannot consider your application further. If at any time, you wish to do so please email admin@catenianbursary.com or call 024 7622 4533 with your request.

For us to process your application for an award you must accept this condition.